Written by Bria Benjamin for the 4A's MAIP

My name is Bria Benjamin, and I'm a graphic artist. In my professional life, I stick to graphic design. But, my personal passion is graphic art and illustrations. There, I can play with color and a certain softness that I am able to create. I consider my work political, but not in the same way as shirts that say "NASTY WOMAN" or posters that have "BLACK LIVES MATTER" on it a hundred times.


As a black woman, sometimes I just want to see myself in art that is, well, pretty; a woman holding a glass of wine as she peers out the window, rather than her fist up in protest. Yes, those portraits can be the same woman, but sometimes, even the fighter needs a break. Her existence and happiness is a form of resistance, too.

My work can be found at, and can be purchased on my society6 page.