As The Co-Founder / Marketing Director / Partner at The Cut Buddy LLC I was tasked to take a product that never existed before and turn it into a product people need.

I created the strategy of how my team and I would position The Cut Buddy Hair Grooming Tool in the market. How I created the strategy was first I listened to the Inventor / Founder’s story (Joshua Esnard). It was in his story that I realized he used The Cut Buddy from age 13 (when he invented it) to age 28 (and further) to give himself confidence and self-esteem through a haircut. 

Product Image 2.jpg

A haircut is a personal statement about oneself. When a person has a fresh haircut he/she feels better about their self (personal self-esteem). This product and company The Cut Buddy LLC is here to provide people with confidence and self-esteem through a haircut. No matter the age, race, sex and/or sexual orientation, The Cut Buddy LLC strives for people to Look Good, Feel Great and Be Awesome.


The Cut Buddy recently pitched their company on ABC's Shark Tank, where they acquired funding with Draymond John, CEO and Founder of FUBU. 

Get your own MAIP alum-created Cut Buddy.