Laura Gonzalez
#MAIP2015 Fellow @ Osborn Barr

"Winning the lottery is comparable to the rewards a student gains from participating in MAIP. Broadening my knowledge base is an eternal goal of mine, and I make sure to commit when a challenge presents.  

Prior to this internship, I did not know what media planning was or what media buyers do. My fearlessness allowed me to jump into a discipline that was foreign to me. Taking this risk has allowed me to see how much I enjoy the discipline. 

I embrace the art and rigor of analytical thinking and complex problem-solving. Immersing myself into media planning has allowed me to tap into these passions. Learning from the media team at Osborn Barr has allowed me to gain an insight into this world and witness firsthand how media planners are responsible for making sure the product touches the eyes, and ears of the masses.   

My perspective on time changed just weeks into my internship. I find myself intrigued with the focus demanded, the strategy, the relationships, the communication, the detail, the language, the meticulous planning and the challenge that comes with working in media planning. It is life-altering to be able to dive into a discipline and identify hours as minutes. 

Media planning is the heart of all the disciplines in advertising. Everything in this discipline revolves around a hypothesis that is supported through research, past campaign records and data. From shadowing my mentor and the media director, I have been able to fulfill my passion for learning beyond expectation. To say this experience has been life-changing is the least of all MAIP encompasses for me. I now have a new set of eyes, skills and a newly developed passion. This is my lottery award." 

Written by: Laura Gonzalez

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